Leader in the recycling of integrated printed circuit boards

We are the European leader

in the professional preparation of electronic waste for the recovery of copper and precious metals from printed circuit boards and devices containing PCBs

Our offer

MB Recycling, as an innovative leader in its sector [photos for individual groups in the list below], specialises in recycling of the following assortments:

Printed circuit boards

all grades and types

Copper and gold laminates

Components from electronic devices such as:

hard disks CD/DVD drives power supplies

Entire electronic devices such as:

Laptops PCs Servers Routers Switches Tablets Telephones

Operationally, we are capable of processing all electrical and electronic waste.

MB Recycling’s staff is made up of excellently qualified employees, who ensure appropriate standards in terms of operations, customer service and cooperation with contractors. The Company’s adherence to the highest standards and regulations is confirmed by the acquisition of the ISO 14001:2005 certified Environmental Management System. The Company currently works with the largest recycling organisations, collecting and processing thousands of tonnes of WEEE annually.

Comprehensive services:

Competitive prices

Specialised transport

Competitive payment methods

Fast and professional service from a dedicated account manager

Safe recycling

Recycling Lab

Why is an in-house research and development laboratory so important?
During the processing process, fractions are sampled, which we test in our own Laboratory. Our experts not only check the content of the components, carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses, but can also detect anomalies in the content of precious metals. Devices, plates or laminates are also subjected to detailed analyses.

We focus on high quality

continuous development and long-term partnerships

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Grzegorz Bartuś

PCB/WEEE/E-scrap development director

Dawid Stępień

Germany, Austria, Greece,
North Macedonia, Italy, England, Turkey

Maciej Bryk

Poland, Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo,
Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Jakub Gusta

Netherlands, Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria

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About us

MB Recycling & Maya Victory, belonging to MB GROUP, are one of the largest companies in the field of waste electrical and electronic equipment processing in Poland, existing since 2008. We have 5 processing plants in Poland and 1 in Ukraine with the most innovative installations, including the first toner processing plant in Poland and the only semi-automatic plant for processing fluorescent lamps. We are constantly modernising and expanding our machinery, process lines and associated infrastructure.

We use the latest technology

in the professional preparation of electronic waste for the recovery of copper and precious metals from printed circuit boards and devices containing PCBs

PCB recycling

We have many years of experience in carrying out processes such as sorting and grinding of low-value PCBs obtained from used electronic equipment allowing the recovery of precious metals.
We also have knowledge and experience of refining copper and precious metals from PCBs and equipment containing PCBs.

Feeding the load to an inspection conveyor, after which the fraction is directed to a shredder with hydraulic pressure.


Individually calibrated shredder, which shreds the tiles and the entire machine to the required fraction (usually 34 mm) The pressure force and speed are adjusted automatically.


Separation by means of an oscillating sieve and fine screening.


Feeding the load to an inspection conveyor, after which the fraction is directed to a shredder with hydraulic pressure.


Second stage magnetic separation with higher power.


Optical separation.


High-sensitivity optical/inductive separation to separate the flow into two fractions: plastics and wafers.


The entire process is controlled by an integrated control system.


Why is the recycling of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) important?

Recycling PCBs is key to sustainability, environmental protection and resource efficiency, and in particular affects:

Environmental protection:

PCBs often contain toxic substances, such as lead and cadmium, which can contaminate soil and groundwater, with negative impacts on ecosystems and human health. Recycling avoids depositing these hazardous materials in unsuitable landfills.

Raw material savings:

The PCB production process requires large quantities of valuable raw materials, such as copper and gold. Recycling recovers these raw materials, which reduces the need to extract new raw materials and contributes to conserving scarce natural resources.

Energy reduction:

Producing new PCBs from recycled raw materials typically requires less energy compared to using virgin raw materials. This means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a reduced environmental burden.

Reduced generation of electronic waste:

Recycling PCBs helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills, which can lead to better e-waste management.

Recovery of precious metals:

PCBs contain precious metals, such as gold and silver, which have an economic value. Recycling makes it possible to recover these valuable metals, which can increase the resource of these raw materials and reduce the cost of electronics production.

Operating in compliance with regulations:

Many countries have regulations regarding the recycling of electronics, including PCBs. Complying with these regulations is important both for companies that need to meet regulatory requirements and for protecting the environment and our health.

We have our own extensive vehicle fleet

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